9th January 2023

During 2023, Global Peace will be facilitating over 30 hybrid global programmes across the world on global topics and challenges. These programmes are designed to explore major themes of the future of global affairs and all humanity under our new initiative Global Peace Futures Forum. At the launch of the Global Peace Futures Forum in 2021, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed underscored that “The UN Charter states ‘We the people’ but it is the faces of young people that we need to see, youth need to define who is the WE! We need young people’s energy, commitment and leadership.” On the need to define the meaning of ‘partnership’ for young people, Her Excellency Amina Mohammed stated, “Today we have a cohort of young people who have never been better connected – we have leadership now! We can better define what partnership means. Individually and collectively, we can make the change.

The 2023 Global Peace Programmes will seek to explore at all levels the engagement of young leaders with stakeholders in government, the private sector, academia, and civil society, on topical issues that directly impact on the well-being, livelihoods, and the future of youth. In the end these programmes will seek to generate new ideas and innovation for collective action to build solutions to global issues.


Global Peace (www.globalpeace.me) is an initiative of ACCORD and coordinated by a Secretariat based in Durban, South Africa.  ACCORD is a civil society institution with 20 years of experience working closely with the United Nations (UN), European Union, African Union (AU) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to mitigate conflict. 

The vision of Global Peace is to act as a catalyst for collaborative efforts that create social compacts between governments, multi-lateral agencies, the private sector and civil society; towards generating innovative solutions to ongoing challenges to peace and development. Working through young people across the world and key stakeholders, Global Peace will become an ecosystem for Ideas, Innovators, Influencers, Investors and Implementers to find practical solutions to global challenges enhancing conflict prevention and strengthening the global multi-lateral system.

Global Peace is designed to contribute to finding innovative solutions to the rapid exponential population growth, rapid urbanization, destabilizing climate change, a volatile global financial system, mass migration, and the ever-increasing threat of nuclear war that has placed our planet in a race against time. Global Peace will also help to create a sustainable future that prevents these global challenges from advancing and effectively plunging the world into global instability. It is in this context that. Working together for a better world, Global Peace will act as a catalyst for collaborative efforts; from the mitigation of conflict to addressing the root causes of conflict bringing together innovators, implementers, influencers and investors, harnessing twenty-first century creativity and innovation to find practical, implementable and cost-effective solutions to global challenges that have local and global consequences.


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