Global Peace is a civil society initiative.

It is an ecosystem for ideas, innovators, influencers, investors and implementers to harness twenty-first century creativity and innovation to bring practical, implementable and cost-effective solutions to global challenges that have local and global consequences – as well as enhancing conflict prevention and strengthening the global multi-lateral system.

Global Peace is an initiative launched from the global south, by the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD), a Civil Society Organisation and Global Think Tank with 27 years of experience working to resolve conflicts on the continent. Through this experience, ACCORD identified that peace cannot be sustained without development. In 2018, ACCORD took the next step and is extending its experience globally through this new entity: Global Peace.
To build a global movement committed to finding innovative solutions to the challenges facing the world and taking action to create a lasting peace! Global Peace asserts that peace is more than the absence of war; it is also the absence of poverty, inequality and unemployment. As such, our objectives are to:
  1. Build cooperation, tolerance and shared values;
  2. Build inclusive economic growth;
  3. Preserve the environment; and
  4. Share knowledge for human progress.
  • Conduct 100 IGDs in 100 Cities.
  • Host the Global Peace Conference, where we will present our Global Peace Charter based on the analysis and findings of the IGDs in order to make local governments aware of the development concerns of their constituencies and inform policies that will promote the inclusion of youth in positive contributions to peacebuilding efforts.
  • Conduct Development Projects, to promote the inclusion of youth in social and economic development through growing local economies and connecting them with employment opportunities.
Global Peace seeks to bridge the gap between peace and development. How? By influencing the shape of global governance from the bottom-up. Throughout 2019, Global Peace will coordinate the convening of a series of Inter-Generational Dialogues (IGDs) starting with an initial goal of 100 cities across the world. Facilitated through the Global Peace Secretariat; local volunteers and community interlocutors will organise a two-hour interactive session, where young future leaders will dialogue with current leaders on their aspirations for what a better world should look like. The dialogue will be guided by a set of questions that focus on global issues and are based largely on advancing the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The aspirations and outputs taken from the dialogues will be collated into a Global Peace Charter which aims to be adopted at the inaugural Global Peace Conference at the end of 2019 in Durban, South Africa. Global Peace will then use this Charter to lobby the UN to host a Global Peace Conference in 2020 – on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN. Global Peace is creating a platform for the youth of today to have a voice on the decisions that impact them today and in the future.
Global Peace aims to be a catalyst for collaborative efforts between governments, the private sector and civil society to generate innovative solutions to ongoing challenges to peace and development, towards working together for a better world. Too often the community of people who work on peace, governance, and development do not collaborate or work together. They also do not work with innovators like scientists, engineers, architects, city planners, and the many other creative citizens who use their skills to generate innovative solutions to human challenges. Global Peace hopes to change that by facilitating cooperation between the four main drivers of development: innovators, influencers, investors and implementers (the 4I’s). It aims to bridge the gap between the 4I’s.


Our analysis and impact is within the framework of the SDGs. We recognise the need to feed into the broader global approach to development, so we’ve partnered with the SDG Action Campaign to assure that the goals are sufficiently integrated into all of our activities. We also implement the SDG MYWorld Survey collecting public consensus about the SDGs.

There are many ways to contribute to Global Peace and its mission. If you or your organisation are interested in hosting an IGD in your city or being a partner with Global Peace, check out the Join section on our website or contact us directly. Likewise, if you are interested in donating to an IGD event, or being a sponsor or partner of an IGD event.

Participating in an IGD enables all those who have an influence within your city and country to engage in a productive dialogue surrounding current global issues and developmental challenges impacting the city and the world, and issues that pertain to the future. By hosting local youth ambassadors and student leaders, government representatives, academics, business leaders, traditional leaders, organisations with a strong and upcoming social footprint in your society, local and international media and the civil society sector – IGDs are able to link diverse members of an entire city/country to work together towards creating a better world, and to take those aspirations further by contributing to the Global Peace Charter and proposing tangible solutions to the global challenges faced by the international community.

After every IGD, it is necessary to capture the analytics of the event such as how many people attended, the geography, gender and age of the attendees, and most importantly to capture the outcomes and findings of the discussions.

REPORTING: Every IGD must be documented.

MULTI-MEDIA: Photos, video and audio content must be shared with the Global Peace secretariat to be uploaded onto the Global Peace website and YouTube channel.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The dialogues must be promoted on all social media platforms.

SDG MY WORLD SURVEY: MY World is a global citizen survey to bring people’s voices into official debates about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Almost 10 million people from 194 countries voted in the  first MY World survey to help define the global goals. After the goals were adopted, the MY World 2030 survey was launched to make sure every person can have their say on SDG achievement.

Take the survey here: igdsurvey.org

Global Peace will be bringing its IGDs to 100 cities across the world. If you are interested in attending a dialogue or participating as a speaker/organiser, please monitor our website and social media page to check if an IGD will be coming to you. Contact details of local interlocutors will be put online for you to connect with.

If you or your organisation are interested in becoming a partner of Global Peace, please complete the sign up form. The Global Peace secretariat will reach out to inform you of next steps for becoming an official partner. If you would like to become a partner to host an IGD, you may also reach out to the organisation or interlocutor hosting the event. Partners for events will be approved by the Global Peace secretariat.

Please direct all questions geared towards the Global Peace team to globalpeace@accord.org.za.

You may also stay connected through our social media accounts:

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