Exponential population growth, rapid urbanization, destabilizing climate change, a volatile global financial system, mass migration, and the ever increasing threat of nuclear war has placed our planet in a race against time to create a sustainable future and prevent these global challenges from advancing and effectively plunging the world into global instability. It is in this context that Global Peace was launched. 

We believe Global Peace is possible and it requires a commitment for each of us to WORK TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD!

Global Peace is the catalyst for collaborative efforts; from the mitigation of conflict to addressing the root causes of conflict. We bring together innovators, implementers, influencers and investors, harnessing twenty-first century creativity and innovation to find practical, implementable and cost-effective solutions to global challenges that have local and global consequences.

An Agenda for Global Peace

Convene a biennial Global Peace Forum of leading thinkers, thought leaders, and innovators in peace and development from governments, the private sector and civil society (including academia), to focus on innovative and creative approaches to conflict prevention and development.

Encourage young people to establish chapters of Global Peace in their countries to serve as platforms to advance shared value social compacts between their governments, private sector and civil society at a local and national level towards achieving the SDG goals; and

Create an innovation hub that connects social innovators e.g. scientists, city planners, architects, engineers, etc. to share knowledge with each other and with governments and private investors to encourage social impact investing in initiatives that are practical, implementable, and cost effective and that address the root causes of conflict

Global Peace will be the hub for Ideas, Innovators, Influencers, Investors and Implementers to find practical solutions to global challenges! #100cities #100IGDs #Globalpeace

Global Peace has taken the ancient Adinkra symbol of Mpatapo as its logo. The Mpatapo Knot is an Adinkra Symbol originating in Ghana. It is a symbol of reconciliation, peace-making and pacification. and represents the bond or knot that binds disputing parties to a peaceful, harmonious, reconciliation.

Our History

Global Peace is an initiative of ACCORD. ACCORD is a civil society institution with 28 years of experience working closely with the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) to mitigate conflict. ACCORD has influenced policy, trained over 20 000 individuals in Africa, and assisted in the mediation of almost all of Africa’s protracted conflicts. In continuing our work to mitigate conflicts in Africa, ACCORD’s experience reflects that peace is not merely the absence of war, but it is also the absence of poverty, unemployment, and inequality.

Since its inception Global Peace has refined its idea and using ACCORD’s political capital and global network, we have garnered the necessary strategic support required to build Global Peace. Our efforts culminated in the launch of our logo in July 2018 at the BRICS Outreach and BRICS Plus, in the presence of twenty-two Heads of State and their delegations – effectively the representatives of half the global populace.

Thereafter, the Chair of Global Peace, Mrs Graça Machel, introduced our initiative at the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, held by the UN General Assembly in September 2018.