Global Peace attends the SDGs Local 2030 event in New York during Global Goals Week 2018

8th December 2018

Global Peace SDGs 2030 event
Executive Director Vasu Gounden with Mr Ben Kumumanya (Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government, Uganda) and Mr Sani Dangote (Vice President, Dangote Group of Industries).

As part of the Global Goals Week discussions and events, Global Peace attended a special event on Localising the SDGs towards a peaceful and prosperous future for all on 27 September 2018. The event was supported by the Instituto Cervantes New York, the Institute for International Peace, the UN Global Compact Cities Programme, and the UN Capital Development Fund. Local 2030 is a global multi-stakeholder initiative to support the local level implementation of the SDGs.

The projects highlighted included urban development in the State of Paraná in Brazil, the Hawaii Green Growth initiative, and local government projects in Uganda. Additional inputs came from the OECD, through their Special Representative to the UN, Robin Ogilvy, and from the private sector by the Vice President of the Dangote Group of Industries, Sani Dangote, and the Executive Director for Hawaii and Asia Pacific for Julie Ann Wrigley, Amanda Ellis. The Local 2030 events bring leaders from national, regional and local governments together as well as the private sector and civil society to develop and implement solutions at the local level which are aimed at advancing the SDGs. It is a showcase of good policy and how the SDGs are localised.

Global Peace’ aims to be a catalyst for collaborative efforts that will help build social compacts between governments, the private sector and civil society to generate innovative solutions to the ongoing peace and development challenges. Attending the event was an opportunity to see the intersection of these very actors in taking action for the SDGs in their own communities and working towards a peaceful and prosperous future.