ACCORD’s Executive Director meets with Junior Chamber International

9th March 2019

JCI Logo

On 4th March 2019 ACCORDs Executive Director, Dr Vasu Gounden, met with Secretary-General, Arrey Obenson, of Junior Chamber International (JCI) in St. Louis, Missouri.

JCI is a non-profit organisation with an extensive history dating back to 1915. The organisation operates around the world by recruiting active young people and empowers them to become a source of change in their communities. The meeting focused on fostering a partnership between Global Peace (GP) and JCI recognising the extensive network of JCI and the common goal to empower young people the world over to become agents of peace.

Dr Gounden briefed JCI on GPs planned 100 Inter-Generational Dialogues (IGDs) that will take place globally across 100 cities. The IGDs are aimed at bringing young people together with their decision makers to dialogue on development issues that concern them, in an effort to instigate change in their communities. The IGDs have found resonance with JCIs Peace is Possible campaign, which is aimed at young people, to create awareness, encourage action through building local and national peace coalitions and forge a commitment for world peace. The mutual aim of peace and development for both organisations was at the heart of the meeting between Dr Gounden and Mr Obenson. This strategic partnership opens up future opportunities for collaboration between GP and JCI.