Highlights from the Handing over of the Global Peace Declaration of Intent

Mrs Graça Machel together with our 4 Youth Ambassadors hand over our Declaration of Intent to Fabrizio Hochschild Under-Secretary-General Special Adviser on Preparations for #UN75 during the United Cities and Local Governments World Congress. We are committed to the engagement, participation & power of young people around the world to shape the future world they want!

The Declaration of Intent commits us to holding 75 Inter-Generational Dialogues (IGDs) throughout the world during 2020 with the intent of engaging young people and their decision makers on how we can deal with poverty, unemployment and inequality in a way which engages all stakeholders in society. We are especially proud that the declaration was handed over by our Youth Ambassadors as we strongly believe that young people are crucial to creating sustainable peace. We can only do this if we empower and engage with young people at all levels and within all sectors of society.