IGD Toolkit

Promoting the brand is important because it helps the wider public to recognise and remember the objectives of IGDs and why they should get involved to make an impact. The elements used to create the Global Peace brand include a logo, the colours and fonts, and the message of WORKING TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD.

The Global Peace Logo is the Mpatapo Knot, an ancient Adinkra symbol, originating from Ghana. It is a symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification and represents the bond or knot that binds disputing parties to a peaceful and harmonious reconciliation.

Each IGD venue and set-up can vary in size depending on your resources. All IGDs will need to showcase and promote the Global Peace brand. The Global Peace logo must be prominently displayed behind your panel of speakers. All Partner logos must be prominently displayed on a lectern and on roll-up banners.

Stage Setup
Example of Stage Set-up with Global Peace Banner behind speakers and partner logos to the left and right of the banner.

The dialogues will be held in various locations across the world and with the support of different sponsors. It is therefore important to have a degree of consistency in the branding of the IGDs. Partners are entitled to branding at the event and their branding may appear alongside other partners, for example, in a slide show during a vote of thanks to recognise their involvement.

Global Peace has prepared a range of banners to be used at the IGDs. The banners will be used for promotional and information purposes. File sizes, dimensions and layout can be adjusted as needed for the venue.

Below are the various banners you can use for your event:

a. Wall banner – The wall banner should be placed directly behind the panel of  speakers. It can also be used as the media or press room backdrop before and after your dialogue. The size of the wall banner will depend on the size of the venue.

Wall Banner

Information for designers & printers:
  • Background: 70 Cyan and 25 Magenta
  • Weave: 100 Cyan and 30 Magenta
  • (Set Transparency to Multiply)
  • White: 0 Cyan 0 Magenta 0 Yellow 0 Black
  • Font: Futura Medium

b. Pull-up banner – An IGD can include a pull-up banner. These banners can be adjusted to include partner names and logos. These banners are versatile and can be used in different spaces at the IGD– on the stage, venue entrance, registration area etc. The specifications and information to print are: 2m high x 0.85m wide (2000mm x 850mm).

Pull Up Banner
Pull-up banner design
Partners Banner
Partner pull-up banner design

c. Digital banner – Global Peace has also designed a digital banner which can be used as a place holder on digital monitors at the venue or projected onto a wall or screen, and it can also be used for social media.

Digital Banner

IGD Stage
IGD stage design and placement of the Banner Wall in Accra, Ghana. This example depicts a larger event that had an audience size exceeding 500, with a sponsored venue.