IGD Toolkit

These questions are drawn from the UN75 Dialogues Toolkit and the facilitator can use these to frame the conversation but also allow the opportunity for the audience to discuss and suggest other issues.

What kind of world do we want to create?

What kind of a world will we live in, 25 years from now, if the current global trends continue?

Out of the following six areas, do you see any as having a significant impact on progress towards the future you want?

  1. Climate change and environmental issues (e.g. pollution, deforestation)
  2. Poverty and inequality
  3. New technologies (e.g. social media, artificial intelligence)
  4. Population changes (e.g. population growth, ageing populations, migration, urbanisation)
  5. Security threats (e.g. armed conflict, cyberwarfare, crime and violence)
  6. Breakdown of trust between governments, and between people and governments? 

Where would you advise the UN Secretary-General to prioritise his focus to manage these issues?

How can we collectively bridge the gap between the world we hope for and the world that may result if we don’t better manage current trends?